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Skeet shooting mugs and apparel - Val&tina
Skeet Nation - Skeet shooting T-shirts and mugs

 Skeet shooters essentials

Uncover our collection of SKEET SHOOTING shirts, hoodies and mugs,  and shop our creations depicting our classic designs as well as the typical Skeet SHOOTING RANGE.

They love it!

Franziska Kurzer | Skeet shooting apparel | Val&tina
Skeet Shooting Hoodie | Clay shooting | Val&tina
Clay shooting t-shirt | Trap, Skeet | Val&tina
Skeet Shooting Squad | Val&tina

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Fun Fact: "The history of Skeet shooting" 

"Skeet shooting was invented by a bird hunter, Charles E. Davies, in 1915 under the original name of "clock shooting." The game was modified slightly and reached a wider audience over the coming years, and in 1926, Davies held a contest to determine a new name for his target shooting game. The winner was Gertrude Hurlbutt, of Dayton, Montana. Her entry, skeet, was based on the Scandinavian word for shooting. The new sport of skeet shooting became very popular throughout the United States, and was even used for a practical purpose: during World War II, soldiers practiced skeet shooting to master shooting at flying or moving targets during wartime".

Kathy Hawkins, 2022, Sports N' Hobbies,  last viewed on 11.09.2022, 

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