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We tried a shooting range near Salzburg

A couple of weeks ago, shortly before spring, we went to the Weitwörth shooting range. Located a few kilometres away from Salzburg, the facility is easily accessible by car. It blends beautifully into nature. It offers shooters a pleasant experience as a small, wooded hill consists in its background.

Weitwörth is a reasonably sized site. The design of its ranges allows almost every clay hunter to find their happiness:

Range I is home of 2 disciplines: Skeet and Trap shooters will be able to enjoy their disciplines of choice in their hunting and sporting versions.

Range II is a Skeet stand as well as a hunting course.

Range III is a true hunter bliss for Parcours enthusiasts. It includes among “typical” stations a 20+ meter tower from where “insane” clay pigeons are thrown.

Range IV is dedicated to Parcours.

Weitwörth shooting range is automated. Shooters do not need constant assistance/dependence from the staff. Indeed, one can get a rechargeable chip-card from which the fare of each round will be deducted.

In between 2 shooting sessions, one can enjoy a drink or something to eat outside or at the Hunting lodge.

Eventually, invitation forms are available online on

Our personal experience

Every hour spent in the car, from Zillertal (Tyrol) to Salzburg was worth it: we had a blast (figuratively and literally) and we got to enjoy a beautiful Salzburgian mountainous landscape on the way to and from. We were blessed with a rather good weather: The skies were blue, the temperatures were rather mild for the time of the year (i.e., 9˚C in average). The only drawback was that it was a bit windy.

The complex is clean and well maintained. The personnel are friendly. We were welcome and attended to throughout the afternoon by a gentleman named Walter JINDRA (Shooting instructor/ Groundskeeper) and a nice lady responsible for the lodge.

Range I is where we spent most of our time. That being said, the hunting Parcours (i.e., Range III) probably gave me, personally, the most chills. I have a particular liking for clay pigeons which fly towards and/or above me. In this realm, station H which is located in the 20-meter tower was EVERYTHING, my absolute favourite. From the same tower comes “I” whose trajectory, height and distance make of it a nightmare I somehow enjoyed missing!

If you need a change of scenery within the framework of your training or just for fun (i.e. ), trust us, it is a lovely trip to take.

I am lucky enough to share my passion for shooting with my significant other half. If it is not your case and that you may need some negotiating to get there, the proximity to beautiful Salzburg and hundreds of possible activities in the city will probably be the most compelling argument: you shoot while your Darling discovers the city and its gastronomy, or does some shopping.

Have you shot at Weitwörth yet?


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