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Winter is coming: still CLAY SHOOTING!

If you are like us, chilly temperatures will not keep you from being at the shooting range. Whether it's windy, rainy, or snowy, we will be there. This might sound exaggerated to some, but we encountered all types of adverse weather conditions within the framework of TRAP and DOUBLE TRAP shooting competitions (i.e., storms, strong winds, extreme temperatures …) and we vouched we would never be caught off guard again.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. ― Benjamin Franklin


So, what should you add to your usual

shooting attire to shoot in winter?

A hoodie


As you turn clay to dust during the colder months, layering up is key to staying warm. We find that high-quality hoodies are an appropriate piece of clothing for that matter. They are as soft as ever and they will allow full freedom of movement when chosen in the right size and associated to the appropriate number and type of layers. Another interesting feature of hoodies is the kangaroo pocket. It is large enough to fit both hands into, and to keep them warm in between shooting sessions.

Available in several colours with unique designs, hoodies will not only make you feel good but also look good.

A hat


In our opinion, a hat is an asset irrespective of the season. It will keep you warm, it will keep the sun out of your eyes when the latter shines too bright, and the brim of a cap may help keeping your glasses dry when it rains.

Also, despite all the safety measures taken for disciplines like Skeet shooting, Parcours or COMPAK SPORTING, a hat remains the best head protection against being struck by potential falling shards of clay.

A travel mug

Original Clay shooting gifts | Trap, Skeet, Parcours | Val&tina
Original stainless steel travel mug

Hot drinks are a morale booster while shooting clays in cold conditions. Walking to the restauration area of a shooting range each time one needs a “sip of motivation” may not always be convenient, depending on the configuration of the said range and sometimes the existence of such service. That is when having a travel mug close-by proves to be convenient: you can fill it with a beverage of your taste or a one paid at the club’s bar.

Final Thoughts

Sure, the above is not a comprehensive list of what you need to add to your usual attire if you intend to practice SPORTING CLAYS during winter, however this may be a good place to start! What best practices do you recommend for clay busters shooting during the winter? Please let us know by leaving your comments below.



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