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We tried a nice shooting range near Vienna!

Last week, we were in the Austrian capital. After enjoying a slice of Sachertorte, we head to Shooting Park Austria in Leobersdorf: The thrill we had made us burn the calories in no time!

The site is around 40 km away from Vienna. Easy to find, it consists of five ranges where one can shoot Parcours, Skeet, Olympic Trap, Double Trap, Compak Sporting, Universal Trap and more.

Each range is automated. A rechargeable chip-card must be introduced in a machine which deducts the cost of the round according to the discipline chosen. Then the session can begin.

9 rounds later (we were like kids in a candy store), we stopped by the restaurant for a refreshment, then the boutique where one can buy ammunitions, shotguns, vests and so on.

Verdict: Shooting Park Austria was a very enjoyable experience. Well designed, the site is clean and properly maintained. On the human side, a friendly and helpful team is at the disposal of the clients. We will be back!


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